About Us

To be a brand of Global Eminence through best in class value delivery by high quality people.

“Delight customers; Be a Partner of choice, and A Global leader of Surfactants and Specialty Chemicals to the Personal & Home Care Industry with a commitment to a cleaner and safer environment and delivering consistently above average returns to the investors.”

» Galaxy Group, promoted by a team of professionals, has the main objective of making profits for growth by tapping opportunities in India and abroad, which challenge the professional competence of people in Galaxy.

» Galaxy shall fulfill its commitments to society.

» Galaxy shall provide maximum value to its customers.

» Galaxy shall continuously build an organization of high-efficient, high-effective, high-performing people, who would be proud of their association with the Group.

» Galaxy shall make conscious efforts to look after the well being of its people.

» Galaxy shall strive to achieve leadership in Quality of its products and services.

» Galaxy shall have research and development of new products and technologies as its major strength.

» Galaxy shall endeavor to achieve excellence through professionalization of all areas of management.